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Merinda Juanita Herron, MD, FAAP

Speciality:Internal Medicine, Pediatrics
B.A., Psychology, University of Pennsylvania, M.D., Columbia University
Experience:38 Years
Pediatrics Children's Hospital National Medical Center, Washington, D.C., 1977 - 1978 Washington, D.C. July 1977- June 1978
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Dr. Herron has been certified by the American Board of Pediatrics since 1983 and has been a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics since 1994.

In 2003, Dr. Herron became affiliated with Neonatology Associates and began her practice as a sole practitioner in 2004.

From 1980-1983, Dr. Herron served as the sole staff pediatrician at the South Baltimore Family Health Center, a federally sponsored clinic in one of the city’s most economically depressed areas. Dr. Herron joined Group Health Association in 1983 (later Humana Group Health Association) in Washington, D.C. She practiced there until moving to Atlanta in 1996. After relocating to Atlanta, Dr. Herron joined the Meridian Medical Group as a staff pediatrician and worked in Buckhead and Smyrna until 2002.

Dr. Herron earned a BA in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania in 1973. In 1977, she was awarded her MD from Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons. In 1980, she completed a 3-year pediatric residency at Children’s Hospital National Medical Center in Washington, D.C.

Dr. Herron is a proud mother of three sons and a stepdaughter. She is also grandmother of three beautiful grandchildren. An accomplished chef and seamstress, Dr. Herron’s hobbies include cooking at family gatherings, sewing and trying new restaurants when traveling.

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